11 Responses to Investment For Every Juan – Special Deposit Account (SDA)

  1. Manley says:

    ok to ah. will try. tnx!

    • claudine says:

      try it.. the interest may not be very high but it’s really better than time dep and regular savings if you’re not a VVIP customer of the bank.

  2. katrina says:

    so how much ang kay auntie if yan ang example ng investment amount?

    • Claudine says:


      Not sure how much yung interest kay Auntie. For time deposit that was able to reach the full term, deduct 20% witholding tax on the interest. If you pre-terminate it, you have to pay documentary stamps tax.

      If USD time deposit, 7.5% ang witholding tax.


  3. Zeffoy says:

    HI mga idol..
    i am new to this process.. sensya na .. here my answer.. sana masagot nyu..
    im plannit to TD 2800USD for 91days in BPI.. panu kaya ang maggiging computation ?

    • Claudine says:

      Hello Jeff,

      I’ll just give you a rough estimate on the computation and how they compute it. If for example you withdraw it upon maturity (91 days), then the computation would be as follow:

      Interest rate as at June 13-18, 2012: 0.5% p.a.
      Witholding Tax: 7.5%
      Term: 91 days
      Principal: USD 2800

      Interest = ((2800 * 0.5%) / 360) * 91
      = USD 3.54 * 92.5%
      = USD 3.27

      Hope that helps.. :) The figure is an approximate.. check with your bank for the final figure.


  4. kay says:

    what is the minimum monthly deposits for SDA bpi if i don’t want to pre-terminate it?

    ex. initial deposit is 50K,
    1. next month, should I add up another 50K? or any amount will do?
    2. what if i’ll not terminate my SDA account after one month, I will just continue it but i will not add any amount, what happens?


    • Claudine says:

      Hello Kay,

      Minimum deposit for BPI is 50k. SDA is not like a savings account, it’s like a time deposit and you cannot pre-terminate it.
      1. I’m not sure what the minimum is but for me I added 50k. You would also need to inform them by written notice with a copy of your IDs a few days before the termination date of the SDA. You cannot add 1k every month as that’s a different product.
      2. It’s ok if you don’t add any amount and just opt for automatic re-roll. You just need to sign a form when you open the SDA account. That’s what I did as I’m based overseas.


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